Vacation to the Top Energy Center on the Planet!*

click to enlargeDaily chi kung instruction, all transportation in Mexico including service to and from Mexico City airport and guided tours.

Welcome to an exclusive "Stress Reduction Vacation," a fun-filled program designed for optimal stress reduction and healing potential with an emphasis on Mexican culture, environment, centuries proven wisdom and ceremony. Tepoztlan, a mystical tropical mountain village at 5,400 feet known as the most powerful vibrational spot on the planet, is like stepping back in time with its cobblestone streets, native artisans and absence of franchise stores, restaurants or hotels. This is REAL Mexico. Carlos Castenada came
here to write influenced by the energy. Boasts a mild climate year round.

Located just blocks away from the zocalo (downtown marketplace), these rooms at Hotel Teocalli offer the peace and quiet distinctive in this cobblestone street pueblo and also an unparalleled view of the mystical mountains. The food served will be of the best quality, prepared with 100% organic hand-picked fruits and vegetables native to Mexico.

Places and things we’ll do:
  • Four specially designed entertaining Spanish classes
    focusing on food, music, dance, cluture and fiestas.

  • Xochicalco is the fourth most visited archaeological zone in the whole country and is the most innovative nocturnal show. Xochicalso was a Mesoamerica important urban center from 700 to 900 a.c.

  • City of Cuernavaca “City of Eternal Spring.”

  • Visit Palacio de Cortez, Robert Brady Museum and Jardin Borda

  • Ceremonial Temazcalli and massage

  • Hike Pyramid Tepozteco

  • Visit Tepoztlan marketplace, native street vendors, convent

  • Salsa dance lesson

  • Daily chi kung instruction

Mexico Stress Reduction Vaction


"My trip to Mexico was a healing journey. Led by Dr. Edwin Riley, we were guided on a journey to expand inner and outer sight and seeing. We had such unique experiences in meeting local healers and shamans and experiencing their healing arts. The people, places and healthy food all contributed to a travel experience that nourished mind, body and spirit.”  - Judy Martin  (Sarasota, Florida)


“ A truly unique vacation adventure experience. Be prepared for lush peaceful colorful surroundings, dancing salsa under the stars, a delicious soak in a tub filled with wonderful barks and herbal scents, soothing massage . . . that is just to mention a few treats in store and to let you know there are plenty of surprises planned to delight your senses and stimulate your mind . . . a total healing experience and introduction to the warm and wonderful Mexican people and their culture. Everything flowed beautifully. I want to go back again and again!!!”  - Sandy Hill  (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida)


Stress Reduction Vacation in Mexico

"Dr. Edwin Riley has a smile on his face. The Stress Rx prescriptions are working. Dr. Riley endorses safe, self-medication. Side effects as reported by readers, just to list a few, include youthful energy and hysterical laughter. I traveled with Doc for a month and saw him in action with clients and his personal life and I can say with certainty he is the ‘Johnny Appleseed’ of happiness. Now we have joined expertise and are workshopping across the planet with our “FUNdamentals of BLISSology” going beyond joy. Reading Stress Rx is a pre-requisite. Do it NOW, and you will have the best day ever 24/7.”  - Viktoras Kulvinskas, Co-founder Hippocrates Health Institute and Author of Survival in the 21st Century