FUNdamentals of BLISSology

A one-day program for optimal health
with Rev. Viktoras Kulvinskas and Edwin Riley, Ph.D.

In May, 2010, Edwin Riley joined his friend and colleague Viktoras Kulvinskas at his retreat in Montezuma, Costa Rica. They had a mission: create a one-day presentation that could change peoples lives forever.

"Our intention was to take our life's work and design an entertaining and informative workshop that would give participants everything they need for healthy lifestyle change," said Dr. Riley. "Our objective was to condense all this information, knowledge and wisdom into one day."

This ambitious and successful undertaking was dubbed "FUNdamentals of BLISSology." Initially presented at The Present Moment Cafe in St. Augustine, Florida, and subsequently in Southampton, New York, plans now call for a "World Tour" starting spring, 2011.

Anyone interested in hosting "FUNdamentals of BLISSology" can contact Viktoras and Edwin through this website. To make it affordable for anyone, the cost for the entire day program including a raw luncheon prepared by Viktoras is only $99.

"We've taken difficult concepts of energy, quantum physics, emotional restoration, anatomy, physiology, neural mechanics, cellular biology and have blended this vast knowledge into an easy-to-digest cerebral and movement elixir in a joyful and entertaining way everyone can understand," Dr. Riley said, explaining the wide scope of their presentation.

An experiential program, Dr. Riley opens the morning session at 10 a.m. teaching three "chi kung (qigong) forms. By moving energy throughout the body to remove blocks, participants are more alert, grounded and receptive to receive vital information for healthy lifestyle change.

He has been training and practicing chi kung and tai chi for 21 years as a daily protocol to increase circulation, cleanse the blood, reduce stress and activate both hemispheres of the brain. In the workshop, he teaches three easy-to-learn forms that work the entire body including internal organs to flush out congestion, restrictions and remove pain. Dr. Riley, author of "Stress Rx: 103 Prescriptions for Overcoming Stress and Achieving Lifelong Happiness," has taught healing chi kung workshops throughout the U.S. and Mexico.

Then Viktoras will present a raw food preparation class explaining the function of each food as it relates to organs and function in the body for optimal wellness and well-being that will be served as part of the raw living food menu for lunch.

Edwin opens the afternoon session with his "Alphabet Soup for Stress Reduction" that goes from A to Z: Awareness to Zenith and Avocado to Zucchini.

He explains: "The Alphabet Soup for Stress Reduction is a mix of alchemy, heavenly concoctions, organic condiments, mystical wisdom, philosophical spices, exercises delicacies, ruminating music, nutritional nuggets, sound advice, superfoods, laughter, love poetry, story telling, whimsy and personal anecdotes blended into a frothy cosmic formula for wise decision making in promoting lifelong health."

Next Viktoras, Essene Master and father of the raw living food movement and author of "Survival in the 21st Century," will discuss how to reach a state of bliss and health through enzyme nutrition, vibration, self-healing, plant-based diet, alkaline food choices, anti-aging, disease reversal, food combining and more.

The program will conclude with a Q & A with Viktoras and Edwin, followed by book signings.

Both Viktoras and Edwin feel their entertaining and informative production "FUNdamentals of BLISSology" provides a lifestyle template that if followed offers everything needed to create a life of disease free health and longevity.